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Nordic Walking Swaledale

Member of Lower Swaledale


North Yorkshire
DL10 7AG
Tel: 01748 449191
Mob: 07759565326
Email: doorbar@swaledale.org


  • Other sports activities

Learn to Nordic Walk and really explore the Dales.




Nordic Walking uses 90% of the body’s muscles (swimming uses 70% and jogging only 35%)  and burns nearly twice as many calories as normal walking

Nordic Walking uses poles in order to add two major benefits to walking:

  • The use of poles means the upper body muscles are used as well as the legs
  • The poles help to propel the walker along - this means he or she works harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!

Nordic Walking is a specific fitness technique and is not to be confused with trekking, hill walking or trail running as the poles are not planted in front of the walker but in a specific way that increases the use of the upper body.  It can be done by anybody, anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing.

The benefits of Nordic Walking are:

  • Uses 90% of body’s muscles 
  • Burns more calories than ordinary walking 
  • Takes the gym outdoors 
  • Sociable 
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be done anywhere 
  • Enjoyed by people of all levels of fitness and age
  • Easy to learn and keep up
  • Feel good effect!

Whilst you are staying in our cottage, we can offer two x two-hour training sessions and a walk in Richmond or further into beautiful Swaledale.  The two training sessions + walk are £75 per person and includes the loan of poles.  For information about our cottages, please visit our website 

FREE Taster sessions are available, please contact us for availability. Beginners welcome, and equipment is provided.

This is an ideal way to learn a new technique that is an enhancement to ordinary walking - it makes something we can all do twice as effective! 

For more information about Nordic Walking, please visit http://nordicwalking.co.uk